Bionette Device

How To Use

Bionette can be used seasonally to treat seasonal allergies or every day, all year round, to treat non-seasonal nasal allergies.

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Every Bionette device comes with a two year manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

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Mammals, such as dogs, cats, horses and all birds secrete fluids and shed dander which contain allergens.

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Say Goodbye to Your Sneezing and Runny Nose this Allergy Season...

... And, get back to doing the things you love

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Bionette is compact and easy to use.

The bright sunny months aren’t always something to look forward to for people who suffer from hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Sneezing, teary eyes, itchy skin, facial swelling, headaches and problems breathing are all common symptoms of pet allergies and hay fever.

For some allergies are inconveniences. For many others, it's much worse. For some, allergies can be so extreme that they are forced to stay inside.

If you are an allergy sufferer, there is now a solution! Bionette effectively relieves pet allergies, hay fever and allergic rhinitis without drugs or side effects.

Bionette is small, lightweight and convenient

Hay fever affects about 20% to 25% of Canadians and the incidence is increasing. Rhinitis affects about 40% of the population. The Canadian Ragweed season grew 25 days in past 5 years. Today 25,000 more Prairie Canadians are now suffering from ragweed allergy than five years ago. It is estimated that the number of Canadians suffering from hay fever will double every decade.

Bionette provides symptom relief from...

  • Tree Pollens (Alder, Box Elder, Birch, American Elm, Mulberry, and Oaks)
  • Grass Pollens (Bermuda Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Johnson Grass, Bahia, Orchard, Meadow Fescue, Rye Grass, Redtop, and Sweet Vernal)
  • Air Transmitted Flower and Weed Pollens (Ragweed, Dock, Golden Rod, Plantains, Sheep Sorrel, Thistle, Sagebrush and Nettles)
  • Spores
  • Moulds
  • Mites and Cockroaches
  • Dust
  • Animal Allergies
  • and, other airborne sources of nasal inflammation

Bionette is safe for children 6 years and older

Buy One and Always Be Ready!

The nice thing about it is you buy Bionette once and that's it.
  • No more running out of medications when you need them the most.
  • No more need to buy multiple brands of over-the-counter medications because the brand you started the season with isn’t working anymore
  • No more taking pills every day and feeling their side effects
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